KULTR SPACE established itself in 2017 as a new eco technology, arts production and creation habitat.  A habitat of art, music, photography, fashion, film, science and technology.  KULTR SPACE artists collaborate and work with other creative sciences and industries on some very progressive levels.


From its artistic foundation KULTR SPACE has evolved its objectives towards progressive sciences and technologies and also stopping environmental impacts. We have future objectives on industrial scales and hold in-house projects, copyrights and future collaborations to undetake.

KULTR SPACE is looking to develop it's business strategy on a clicks to bricks basis in 2019/20.  The habitat is presently based online to the public. The offline establishment is administrative and so a live habitat is being sort for the general public and entrepreneurs. All genuine and creative individuals and concerns will be welcomed with a drop-in-style space. Artist residencies may also be available.

The first prototype development will officially start January 2020. This is a new and exiting project that is competitive on a global scale and within market sectors. The design is for a new and complete eco powers and hydration sources. Power sources and systems to progressively evolve the environment, climate and relieve poverty issues of the globe.   Micro projects are also necessary for complimentary advancement of general consumer electrics.  It's only just started!

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